AAOUAsian Association of Open Universities
AAOUAlumni Association of Osmania University (Hyderabad, India)
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Founded in 1987, the AAOU had been working for promoting higher learning education through distance learning system.
Sangi has expressed gratitude to the COL, Unesco, Ministry of Education and HEC for their cooperation and support in hosting and organizing the AAOU conference.
Leong who was unanimous election as President of AAOU, said the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) being the second largest university in the world set an exemplary model for the rest of educational institutions in the world expanding education through open learning system.
The next AAOU annual conference will be held in Hong Kong to further strengthen the coordination and communication among the member states to achieve their common objectives.
The Minister called for setting up Pakistan-chapter of AAOU in collaboration with AIOU and Higher Education Commission.
The increasing presence of delegates from outside Asia demonstrates the prestige of the AAOU annual conference as a forum for academic exchange among international open and distance learning practitioners.
The AAOU annual conference will be participated by heads of open universities and top-educational experts and officials from about forty countries.
He invited the Jica's officials to participate in the 27th Conference of AAOU, scheduled to take place in Islamabad in October, 2013.