AAQAnapa (Russia)
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AAQAlliance for American Quilts
AAQAssociation des Archivistes du Québec
AAQAdult Attachment Questionnaire
AAQAssociation des Anesthésiologistes du Québec (French: Quebec Anaesthesiologists Association; Canada)
AAQAssociation d'Acupuncture du Québec
AAQAutomated Application Quality (software)
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In total, 2,415 participants completed the AAQ, along with various other measures.
Means and standard deviations for the outcome measures and AAQ for both treatment conditions at each assessment occasion are presented in Table 2.
Schmitt was the leading force of AAQ and ABF business models and the architect of a methodology for creating new business initiatives.
The AAQ consists of 9 items rated on a 7-point scale, with higher scores reflecting increased levels of experiential avoidance.
Participants (N = 40) were university students enrolled in psychology classes and part of a larger sample who completed an online administration of the AAQ.
For example, two studies (Feldner, Zvolensky, Eifert, & Spira, 2003; Karekla, Forsyth, & Kelly, 2004) found that college students who scored at the extremes on the AAQ (at least one standard deviation above or below an aggregate mean) differed in their reactions to a biological challenge (i.
The major purpose of this study was to further investigate experiential avoidance as a potentially central pathogenic process and, in doing so, indirectly also further evaluate the construct validity of the AAQ as a purported measure of this process.
Results for the self distinction and object distinction conditions demonstrated small to medium correlations (although they were not significant) between the length of the practice period, the amount of practice, AAQ scores, discomfort, anxiety, and stress ratings at each time point.
By injecting AAQ into their eyes, researchers reported that light sensitivity in the eyes had been restored, with the mice's pupils contracting in bright light.
AAQ is a photoswitch that binds to protein ion channels on the surface of retinal cells.
AAQ binds to ion channels in retina cells and alters the flow of ions in response to light, mimicking how normal rods and cone cells react to light and activate neurons.
Table 4 shows the differences for the variables marital status, education, people that could be counted on for help, feasibility of getting practical help from fellow residents, self-perception of health and musculoskeletal pain past 12 months to the different components of the AAQ scale.