AARFAtlantoaxial Rotatory Fixation (subluxation)
AARFAvenue A Razorfish
AARFAustralian Accounting Research Foundation
AARFAnimal Adoption and Rescue Foundation
AARFAtlanta Animal Rescue Friends
AARFAdolescent & Animal Resource Fund (North Carolina)
AARFAnguilla Animal Rescue Foundation
AARFAmerican Anthropological Research Foundation Inc.
AARFAffirmative Action Review Form
AARFAdult Addictions Receiving Facility
AARFAgility Addicts and Rover Fanatics
AARFAnimal Angels Rescue Foundation
AARFAnimal Adoption Release Form
AARFAdopt a Rescued Friend, Inc. (dog rescue; Houston, TX)
AARFAbsolute Agility Recreational Facility (Harrowsmith, Ontario, Canada)
AARFAccount Activation Request Form (helpdesk)
AARFAdditional Adjusted Reduction Factor
AARFAutomatic Alternate Radio Frequency
AARFAutomated Access Resource Form (Florida DOT)
AARFAccount Access Request Form
AARFAustralian Address Reference File (Australia Post)
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A semi-Markovian framework for analyzing the performance of ARF and AARF is presented in [20], shows the neither of the two rate-adaptation schemes consistently outperform each other in all conditions.
ARF and AARF increase the transmission rate only when the number of successfully transmitted frames reaches 10 or more (in the case of AARF), therefore, in this scenario, there is no possibility of increasing the transmission rate if ARF/AARF is used in the client stations.
Estimation windows used by various statistics based rate-adaptation schemes Rate Adaptation Scheme Estimation window ARF 10 frames AARF Min: 10 frames, Max: 50 frames SampleRate 10 frames or 10 seconds Multi-Rate Retry (MRR) for MADWiFi 0.
A AARF foi criada em 1966, com sede em Melbourne, na Australia, e desenvolve um conjunto de tecnicas e atividades de pesquisa contabil.
Embora haja diversas alternativas para fundamentar as caracteristicas qualitativas da informacao contabil gerencial, conforme exposto, no presente estudo utiliza-se como referencia a abordagem da AARF (2001).
Moores e Yuen (2001) aplicaram as duas dimensoes (selecao de informacoes e apresentacao de informacoes) sugeridas pelo AARF (2001) por meio do SAC 3, fazendo sua transposicao da contabilidade financeira para a contabilidade gerencial.
De acordo com Moores e Yuen (2001), as caracteristicas qualitativas apresentadas pelo AARF (2001) como atributos que a informacao da contabilidade financeira deve possuir tambem podem ser aplicadas a contabilidade gerencial e serem um indicativo da qualidade que os gestores podem esperar das informacoes a eles prestadas.
Outcomes of the type described above, along with the associated political debates, erode both the standing of AARF as the research support to the AASB and, to some degree, the AASB itself.
For example, in a direct jibe at the AASB and AARF, the Chair of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) commented that there was no future in Australia being an island of accounting purity (Wood 1996).
A review of AARF in 1995, commissioned by the profession, found that AARF was under-resourced and was not in a position to adequately support the current standard-setting arrangements.
It placed the ASX in a powerful position since the ASX paid the funding in discrete allocations to the AARF, contingent upon the AASB meeting targets in the harmonization process.
In Australia, after key personnel resigned from AARF, technical support is provided largely by short-term contract staff hired for specific projects.