AARMAssociation for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing
AARMAquaculture & Aquatic Resources Management
AARMAgrupación Astronómica de la Region de Murcia
AARMASEAN Armies Rifle Meet
AARMAmerican Association on Mental Retardation
AARMAtheist Apologetics Research Ministry
AARMAfrican American Resource Ministries
AARMAdvanced Anti-Radiation Missile
AARMAustralasian Asset Residual Management
AARMAnti-air Anti-Radiation Missile
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The AARM has plans for committees covering hoses, seals, power transmission belts and conveyor belts, and plans to publish a rubber handbook.
The AARM could develop into one of the strongest rubber product associations in the world with the ability to provide a comprehensive array of services to its members.
To compare the blood absorption characteristics of the S&S filter papers that were used to prepare the EWS-Phe-01 and AARM, we dispensed 100-[micro]L spots of [sup.
To evaluate the reliability of the Phe concentration values that were predicted from measurements of matrix variables, we analyzed the EWS-Phe-01 and the AARM in duplicate in each of five HPLC runs and compared the mean values of the measured Phe concentrations with the predicted Phe concentrations.
A portion of each amino acid-enriched whole-blood pool used to prepare the AARM blood spots was combined with 40 [micro]L of a solution containing deuterium-labeled amino acid calibrators to make a final volume of 5 mL per pool.
However, the AARM blood spots used to assess the homogeneity of amino acid distributions within the DBSs and within the DBS pools did not contain isotopically labeled amino acid internal standards.
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