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AARNETAustralian Academic Research Network
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ONOS provided the high performance, scalable SDN control plane for the peering router at AARNet.
AARNet provided the trans-Pacific layer 2 connectivity and hosted the Corsa switch while CSIRO hosted the ONOS control plane software of the peering router in a virtual machine in a research cloud located approximately15km away.
About AARNet AARNet Pty Ltd (APL) is the not for profit company that operates Australia's Academic and Research Network (AARNet).
Chris Hancock, CEO of AARNet said, "AARNet has taken real-time collaboration to the next level by working with ViVu.
We are thrilled to be working with AARNet in our mission to bring quality video conferencing to the masses," said Sudha Valluru, CEO of ViVu.
Guido Aben, Director of e-Research at AARNet said, "The borderless nature of research and education makes face-to-face collaboration and learning expensive and time consuming.
After a thorough technical and cost of ownership evaluation of the core router vendors, we selected the PRO/8812 and PRO/8801 routers, as these platforms offered AARNet headroom in terms of scale, future service growth, and cost of ownership," said Mary Fleming, Director of Business Development, AARNet Pty Ltd.
Procket's leading edge router technology will enable AARNet to implement advanced data, voice and video services at high scale and reduced operating costs, offering a showcase for what next generation networks will require," said Roland Acra, President and CEO of Procket Networks.
AARNet serves over 800,000 end users who access the network through local area networks at member institutions.
NASDAQ: JNPR) today announced that AARNet Pty Ltd (APL) has selected its M-series routing platform for the Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet).
AARNet serves more than 1,000,000 end users through member institutions and customers.
AARNet is building one of the world's most advanced and wide reaching networks for future generations," said Chris Hancock CEO of AARNet.