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AARPAssociation of American Retired Persons
AARPAppletalk Address Resolution Protocol
AARPArt and Archaeology Research Papers (School of Oriental and African Studies bulletin; University of London; Cambridge University Press; UK)
AARPAnonymity, Action, Results and Protection
AARPAlert Aircraft Repositioning Plan
AARPAnimal Accident Recovery Patrol
AARPAutomated Address Range Program (US Census Bureau)
AARPAnycast Address Routing Protocol
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USA Next's Jarvis has promised a crusade against AARP, because he says the powerhouse lobbying organization is "the boulder in the middle of the highway" to Bush's privatization program for Social Security.
Dreyfuss responds: In responding to my article, AARP CEO Bill Novelli is sued yet another defensive justification for supporting the Medicare bill but conveniently overlooked the fact that the article was about a much broader, deeper issue than AARP's support for this one bill.
And AARP has had plenty of occasions to get that message.
I'm not going to say that there aren't any boomers who get the letter from AARP who hide behind the door so the mailman won't find them.
The AARP building is a joint venture between Equitable Real Estate Investment Management, Inc.
NYL Direct has led the company s relationship with AARP since 1994, when New York Life began providing AARP-branded life insurance geared to the 50-plus market.
An immediate response to this urgent appeal will allow AARP Foundation to expedite support to those who need it now.
We are excited to announce that 15 additional Raleigh agents are now offering AARP endorsed products," said Holmes.
Through the recognition of these efforts, AARP hopes to aid in the creation of a roadmap that might help other employers navigate today's changing workplace dynamics.
UnitedHealth later began offering supplemental health insurance products and other products to some AARP members who were not old enough to qualify for Medicare.
The company has partnered with AARP to offer life insurance since 1994.