AASCBAmerican Association of State Counseling Boards (Alexandria, VA)
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Respondents identified professional counselors, followed by ACA, the divisions, AASCB, and NBCC, as having the most responsibility for achieving license portability and recognition for reimbursable services under Medicare and insurance carriers.
The population for this study comprised of all full-time faculty members at the three AASCB accredited business schools in the GCC countries.
Since then, AASCB, CACREP, NBCC, the Standards for Counseling Supervisors (AASCB, 1992), AASCB's National Credentials Registry (AASCB, 2005), and, most recently, the 20/20 (2010) initiative have all been established.
In the context of the AASCB report] Concern was raised by some Council members as to the wisdom and expense of sending a representative to this annual meeting.
Strategizing with the AASCB and other stakeholders to work toward consistency in licensure requirements to make licensure portability possible
For example, the AASCB (2008) reported that the majority of state licensing board respondents returned data categorized as unspecified sanctions.
Plus you'll find the association's liaisons to AASCB (the American Association of State Counseling Boards) and FACT (National Fair Access Coalition on Testing), as well as the editors of the Journal of Mental Health Counseling and The Advocate.
In 2006, the AASCB, in partnership with ACA, began a series of summit meetings of the various organizations representing professional counseling titled "20/20: A Vision for the Future of Counseling.
When this survey was conducted during the spring of 1999, 45 states and the District of Columbia were identified by ACA and by AASCB as having credentialed counselors.
In attendance were Sam Gladding, ACA president; Jim Wilson, AASCB president; Charles Gagnon, AASCB president-elect; Patricia Arredondo, ACA president-elect; Marie Wakefield, ACA president-elect-elect; Barry Mascari, AASCB president elect-elect; and--for administrative purposes--David Kaplan, ACA chief professional officer.
A proposal was presented by the AASCB leadership and NBCC regarding a collaboration with respect to the examinations that are used by many states as part of their licensing review and requirements.
Board Development/Orientation 3,000 AASCB Liaison 2,000 20/20 Liaison 0 Subtotal Committees/Reps.