AASCIFAmerican Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds (Columbia, MO; business association)
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At the AASCIF Communications Awards ceremony, State Fund continued its winning streak from last year, finishing as runners-up in three categories, as well as one third-place award.
AASCIF includes state fund insurer organizations in 26 states and Puerto Rico that provide critical workers' compensation coverage to business owners and their employees as a vital part of their jurisdictions' workers' compensation systems.
The American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds, or AASCIF, is an association of workers' compensation insurance companies from 27 different states, plus 10 workers' compensation boards in Canada.
YWCHSB, the western most of the three Canadian Territories, is the latest in a long list of AASCIF (American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds) members who have selected the InsureWorx PowerComp solution, solidifying the InsureWorx leadership in the Workers' Compensation market, especially among State Compensation funds.
Best recognizes the important role of state funds in the workers' compensation system and plans to assign financial strength ratings to additional AASCIF members in 2005.
9-13 American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds: AASCIF Annual Conference, Portland, Maine.