AASWAustralian Association of Social Workers (Australia; professional representation; est. 1946)
AASWAmerican Association of Social Workers (est. 1921)
AASWAdvanced Award in Social Work (UK)
AASWAmerican Association of Scientific Workers (est. 1937; also seen as AAScW)
AASWAir Antisubmarine Warfare
AASWAuthority for the Advancement of the Status of Women (est. 1998; Prime Minister's Office; Israel)
AASWAsian Association for Social Welfare
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The Council is currently working with the AASW on a lobbying campaign relating to university band funding, and was also the vehicle through which the Public Inquiry discussed above was organised.
The AASW calls on all political parties to ensure that:
The AASW also takes this view, requiring that qualifying social work courses taught via distance must include at least five face-to-face teaching days (or part-time equivalent) each teaching semester.
Policy and procedures for establishing eligibility for membership of AASW.
The NSW branch of the AASW is working on a submission to the National Advisory Meeting of Health Ministers.
Besides the prepared homework tasks, for example "What constitutes unethical behaviour in your agency--interview staff and provide examples and explanations with reference to the AASW Code of Ethics", each student presents a case/ group/ policy /community project analysis from practicum to the group.
They are also aware that they have two field placements to complete, which they undertake in their own communities if the requirements of the AASW can be met.
Australian Association of Social Workers (2000) Policy and procedures for establishing eligibility for membership of AASW, AASW, Canberra.
As one participant stated 'it helps us keep our finger on the pulse', and therefore up to date with current ethical issues as defined by the AASW.
Australian Association of Social Workers (1990) Code of Ethics, AASW, Canberra.