AATCCAmerican Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
AATCCAmphibious Air Traffic Control Center
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Lack of molecular orientation within the fibers was confirmed by the very low web shrinkage results of around 0-1% as per AATCC 135/150-95 (120 F wash, dry 160 F).
In the "Halo" or "Zone of Inhibition" test, AATCC 147, an article containing the antimicrobial additive is placed in the centre of an agar plate that has been surface-inoculated with a strain of microbe.
Fee: $475 for AATCC and ISCC members and $710 for non-members (includes two luncheons, morning and afternoon breaks, Thursday evening reception, and compilation of all available papers).
Warp Sizing-Greige Mill to Finishing Plant, AATCC Symposium, May, 15-16.
Our lab is qualified to test to ASTM, AATCC, ISO, NFPA and Federal Test Standard Methods.
Gray scale was evaluated in terms of the AATCC scale.
coli following a modified AATCC test method 100-1999, and the results are shown in Table 2.
The Xenotest 150 S+ is a universal weathering testing instrument, and is considered ideal for weathering tests according to ISO 105-B04 and the AATCC lightfastness test of textiles.
Abrasion resistance (marring) was performed on an AATCC crockmeter equipped with a cloth pad (DP-cloth, HQ manufactured by Struers, Copenhagen, Denmark and distributed by VWR Scientific) fitted with 0.
After three cycles in a gas fade chamber under AATCC Test Method 23 conditions, white plaques containing the traditional stabilizer System A had an increase in yellowness index (YI) of more than three units.
Wash durability testing was performed under accelerated conditions as specified by AATCC Test Method 61-2001 (ref.
Antimicrobial efficacy is tested according to a modified version of AATCC Test Method 100-1998 (Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials).