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AATFAmerican Association of Teachers of French
AATFAfrican Agricultural Technology Foundation
AATFAirport and Airway Trust Fund
AATFAir Assault Task Force
AATFAnti Armor Task Force
AATFAircraft Anechoic Test Facility (US Navy)
AATFAuthorised Approved Treatment Facility (UK)
AATFAll About The Fly (fishing website0
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Table 1: The target gene predicted for miR-4284 and miR-4484 as well as their role in cells Target genes Roles in cells miR-4284 TRAF4, BCL 10, Apoptosis, HDAC, HOXA1, differentiation, PTEN proliferation miR-4484 AATF, PTPN14, PI3K, PTEN Apoptosis
To accomplish specific tasks as it implements its portfolio, AATF is looking for a qualified and experienced Project Manager, Rice.
Adjustments to the AATF for tax on kerosene used in aviation were made during fiscal year 2010 and were mathematically correct.
The MLA and CEFR documents draw upon basic tenets already present in the ACTFL Standards or 5 C's (and more specific language documents such as those from the AATF and ILR) but further discuss, define, and nuance (1) the long-term humanistic motivations and curricular implications for sustaining these goals and (2) what these goals entail for learners in terms of their interconnected competencies.
They have the expertise, resources and experience with these important traits that can speed the development of improved African rice and get them into the hands of the region's farmers who need them," said Jennifer Thomson, interim executive director of AATF.
That includes small NGOs such as mine and bigger NGOs such as AATF, CABI, Sasakawa Africa Association and many others out there that are doing a great job against many odds.
The goal of the agreement between Arcadia and AATF is to increase rice productivity, improve profitability for African farmers, and benefit the environment.
As agreed with DOT, GAO evaluated fiscal year 2008 activity affecting distributions to the AATF.
We had other representatives from National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Kenya Cereal millers Association, Seed company like Simlaw, various farmers from Machakos, Nyanza and Rift valley, Media group from Standard, KBC, Citizen, Nation media and AATF field staff's.
The procedures we agreed to perform were related to (1) transactions that represent the underlying basis of amounts distributed to the AATF, (2) the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) quarterly AATF receipt certifications, (3) the Department of the Treasury's Financial Management Service adjustments to the AATF during fiscal year 2007, (4) the Department of the Treasury's Office of Tax Analysis's (OTA) process for estimating excise tax amounts to be distributed to the AATF for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2007, and other procedures related to (5) adjustments to the AATF for tax on kerosene used in aviation, (6) the net amount of fiscal year 2007 excise taxes distributed to the AATF, and (7) transactions that represent total IRS tax revenue receipts and refunds.
A review done by AATF denoted that the WE1101 type yielded in an average harvest of 4.
The project officially ended on April 30, 2014; and as we now go around testing the water efficiency maize with AATF (African Agricultural Technology Forum), our smallholder farmers are still practicing what they learnt during the 3-year ISFM project.