AATTAdvanced Air Transportation Technologies (NASA air traffic control project)
AATTAmerican Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages (est. 1985)
AATTApplication of Advanced Technologies in Transportation (international conference)
AATTAdvanced Aviation Transportation Technology
AATTAdvanced Air Traffic Technologies (US FAA)
AATTAbsolute Arrival Time Technique
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A tool developed by AATT, the Traffic Management Advisor, is operational at eight Air Route Traffic Control Centers including Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis and Oakland, Calif.
Another AATT tool, the Surface Management System, scheduled for transfer to the FAA, is providing benefits for some of the nation's largest cargo carriers.
The BDA flight instructors on the AATTS program currently provide basic flight training to Australian Army pilots using Kiowa aircraft, and more than 100 pilots have graduated from the program in the past five years.