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AAUWAmerican Association of University Women (equality advocacy organization; est. 1881; Washington, DC)
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She encouraged the AAUW members to continue their efforts to engage young women in the study of civics and politics, describing the efforts of a group called Emerge Oregon that brings politically progressive women together to network and learn how to run for office.
Any group of women college graduates (minimally 3 to 5 individuals) in a community who wish to become an official AAUW branch must first form a Board of Directors ("AAUW Branch Creation Guide," 2015).
The first AAUW jazz concert was in 1988 at the Arts Council Center in Thousand Oaks, featuring renowned musicians Ernie Andrews, Buddy Colette and Gerald Wiggins.
This groundbreaking new report is the first step in truly understanding what happens on college campuses and how to best create 'harassment-free' schools," said Barbara O'Connor, AAUW Educational Foundation president.
This is the 10th annual AAUW history program, with the organization providing full costumes and monologue scripts to PTA volunteers who then bring the famous women to life at local schools.
AAUW works for educational and economic equality for women through its Educational Foundation, which supports women pursuing studies and research.
The AAUW determined that only 9 percent of students targeted report their harassment to proper authorities.
It costs $600 to send one girl to the camp program, and the decision as to which of the well-qualified, recommended girls to choose is always difficult,'' said AAUW member Trudi Nash of the program, which is in its fourth year.
Candidates in a number of hotly-contested races are expected to draw a packed crowd, according to Louise Stevens, president of the local AAUW chapter.
The national effort features partners from across the country, including the Student PIRGs, local AAUW chapters, Campus Progress, the League of Young Voters Education Fund, Forward Montana Foundation, the Oregon Bus Project Foundation, the Washington Bus Education Fund, New Era Colorado Foundation, local Urban Leagues around the country and many more.
AAUW Holiday Brunch - The "Grace Notes" of the Women's Choral Society will provide holiday music for the brunch meeting of the Eugene-Lane American Association of University Women at 9:30 a.
In 1979 she moved to Alexandria, VA where she was a member of Aldersgate Church, AARP, Hollin Hall Senior Center, Joy Group, Dim View Group (a support group for the blind), Red Hats, Martha Washington Mystery Book Club, AAUW and a former Girl Scout leader.