AAWUAthletic Association of Western Universities (est. 1959)
AAWUAssociation of Accredited Wykamol Users (contractors; UK)
AAWUAlaskan Aviation Weather Unit
AAWUAfrican American Workers Union (Pittsburgh, PA)
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With the win, Oregon State ended the season 3-1 in the AAWU and tied with USC, who still had its nonleague game against Notre Dame the following week.
To determine if there are any multivariate outliers, the procedure proposed by Hadi (1992, 1994) was used to identify four outliers in the data--the AAWU for the years 1959, 1960, and 1962 and the Western Athletic Conference in 2001.
USC's last outright league title was in 1961 when it finished first in AAWU, a group of schools that consisted of the Huskies and the four California members of the current Pac-10.
Valenti, who coached the Beavers for seven seasons, guided OSU to a 21-7 record and an AAWU championship in 1966.