AB3Academic Building 3
AB3Aviation Boatswain's Mate Third Class (Naval Rating)
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The AB3 falls into the highly competitive category of economy rifles that try to squeeze as much performance out of every dollar as possible.
710 Growth, Since First Full Estimate (GAO, 2012) AB3 % Acquisition Cost TD Span -0.
To see how I found the ranges for this one in 7mm Remington Mag, see the feature on the Browning AB3 in this issue.
Of the 6 subjects, 3 (AE3, AB3, and MM3) showed response transfer from the A and Eb stimuli that was like that shown for all of the subjects in Groups I and 2.
2 tonnes, comparing to 500 and 1000 kg for the KADDB AB3 and STK Flyer, respectively.
However, the AB3 bolt is significantly different from the A-Bolt.
W D Coutts (Insurance Consultants) Limited, Heughhead, Alford, Aberdeenshire, AB3 8HD
At sea aboard USS George Washington (CVN 73), AB3 Michael Cooper of McKenzie, Tenn.
Compared to the H2A, the Jordanian KADDB AB3 Black Iris is lighter.
Stewart Walker, 24 Pantoch Drive, Banchory AB3 15ZE, Kincardineshire.
AB1 Ruben Guererro and AB3 Matt Porter direct an F-14 A Tomcat onto the aircraft catapult for launch from USS John C.
Army's low rate initial production requirements for AB3 (approximately 43 aircraft) in 2010.