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ABACAPEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Business Advisory Council
ABACAbraham Baldwin Agricultural College
ABACAttribute Based Access Control
ABACAntiquarian Booksellers Association of Canada
ABACAlcohol Beverages Advertising Code (Australia)
ABACAssumption Business Administration College (Bangkok, Thailand)
ABACAssociation of Balloon and Airship Constructors
ABACApplied Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate (George Mason University; Fairfax, VA)
ABACAssociació de Buscadors Aurífers de Catalunya (Catalonian, Spain)
ABACAntonio Balma Air Compressors
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The ABAC SME Summit will provide an excellent opportunity for SMEs interested in enhancing their competitiveness both domestically and offshore, through key areas such as banking and finance, technology and communications.
While ABAC Members recognize that the prospects for the concluding the WTO negotiations in the short term are dim, they will continue to engage with key players in the Doha Round while there is an opportunity for a successful outcome.
All of the ABAC Task Force heads say the Bogor deadlines (free trade between developed APEC members by 2010 and 2020 for developing countries) are still achievable, provided some concrete action is taken towards those goals within a few years.
The new telemedicine program at ABAC will allow the continuity of care and medication management if needed.
Zhang Lijun used to represent Chinese business circle and be entrusted by the Chinese Government to attend the dialogue between the APEC leaders and APEC CEOs as ABAC Member China for more than a decade.
To reduce APEC economies' vulnerability to financial turmoil, the ABAC report recommends a set of measures to develop domestic debt markets with the development of local credit rating agencies, participation of foreign financial institutions in such markets and establishing benchmark government securities with a standard set of maturities.
Bridging the "digital divide" within APEC member economies will require a sustained long-term effort, ABAC Technology Task Force chair Jae Hyun Hyun says.
ABAC reiterates its call for continuous improvement in the quality and specificity of the information contained within the IAPs.
As a response to 2014 APEC theme of Shaping the Future through Asia-Pacific Partnership , this project, in cooperation with PPSTI, ABAC, Global Accelerator Network (GAN), National Business Incubation Association (NBIA), Asian Association of Business Incubation (BI) and European Business and Innovation Center Network (EBN), seeks to accelerate start-ups fundraising activities by organizing the APEC Accelerator Network (N) for Early-Stage Investment.
A plan was adopted by APEC leaders in 1999, although it appears from the ABAC report to leaders in Shanghai last year that steps have not yet been taken to implement it.
This year, Murray says an important change is the completion of ABAC work earlier to have interaction with ministerial leaders in the lead up to APEC meeting.