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ABANAirman, Aviation Boatswain's Mate Striker (Naval Rating)
ABANAaronic Business Angel Network Ltd.
ABANAssociation of British Alumni in Nepal
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Aban tells how he and his wife and daughter were within sight of a life free of car bombings, kidnappings and executions at the hands of IS butchers aboard a ramshackle boat after crossing several countries to make their escape.
Regional Director, IUCN Asia, Aban Marker Kabraji explaining the levels of pollution along the Karachi coast, said that due to increased pollution along the coast, marine animals such as shellfish and crabs when eaten pose serious health risks to human as they absorb most of the pollution coming into the sea.
It isn't known how much of a markup Aban Air had to pay for the plane it got.
89-120), focuses on the life of Aban Jau and the dispersion of his community after his death.
Cargo carriers signed to operate into DWC include Aban Air, ACI, Aerospace Consortium, Aviation Service Management, Coyne Airways, EuroAsian Services, Gatewick, Ramjet, Reem Style, Rial Aviation, Rus Aviation, Sonic Jet, SunGlobal, Skyline and United Aviation Services.
Aban Offshore's stock was at Rs881, up Rs57 or nearly 7% from the last close.
ABAN Benjamin Gomez attaches a fuel hose to an aircraft in the hangar bay of the USS Dwight D.
The shares of Cairn India and Aban Offshore were, however trading in the negative direction in the afternoon trade.
The former Wimbledon champion has admitted failing a test for crystal meth in 1997 and then lying about it to avoid aban.
The said MoU has been signed by Kamran Lashari Secretary Ministry of Environment, Aban Marker Kabraji, Regional Director IUCN (Asia), Shah Murad Aliani, Country Representative of IUCN Pakistan, and Dr.
India's largest offshore drilling services firm, the Aban Group, is to set up a base in Bahrain, it was revealed.
MANAMA: India's largest offshore drilling services firm, the Aban Group, is to set up a base in Bahrain, it was revealed yesterday.