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ABANAArab Bankers Association of North America
ABANAArtist-Blacksmith's Association of North America
ABANAAffirmative Business Alliance of North America
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If the scenery of the south be less romantic and sublime than that of the northern mountains, it must be allowed to possess in the same proportion superior softness and beauty; and upon the whole, we feel ourselves entitled to exclaim with the patriotic Syrian ``Are not Pharphar and Abana, rivers of Damascus, better than all the rivers of Israel?
It is the principal source of the Abana river--only one-
There is an honored old tradition that the immense garden which Damascus stands in was the Garden of Eden, and modern writers have gathered up many chapters of evidence tending to show that it really was the Garden of Eden, and that the rivers Pharpar and Abana are the "two rivers" that watered Adam's Paradise.
In Damascus they think there are no such rivers in all the world as their little Abana and Pharpar.
We are delighted to partner with ABANA to add to its already impressive product and solution set by providing best-in-class currency management solutions to its clients," stated Bo H.
Effect of abana (a herbal preparation) on the radiation-induced mortality in mice.
Through its programs, web site and publications, ABANA fosters improved relations, information-sharing and understanding between the Arab and American public and private financial sectors.
ABANA has long served as a forum for discussions that enhance the understanding of business and capital flows between the US and the Middle East region.
ABANA, an industry leader with over 30 years of experience in offering technology and service solutions to top enterprises, has joined forces with Escher, a world-leading provider of outsourced point-of-sale software to the postal sector, in a venture to update Saudi Arabia's Post Office.
Byongeye kandi usanga muri ibi biganiro byose haba havugwa ko abana b'abanyarwanda bo mu mashuri y'incuke bagombye kwigishwa mu rurimi kavukire rwabo, mu gihe abana b'abafata ibi ibyemezo ndetse n'ab'inzobere mu by'indimi boherezwa mu mashuri yigisha mu cyongereza no mu gifaransa kuva mu mashuri y'incuke.
Namaan balks, "Are not Abana and Pharpar, the rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel?
NBP has contracted ABANA and Compass Plus to support its expansion through the implementation of alternative delivery channels.