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ABC1ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)-Binding Cassette 1 (gene)
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The new campaign will continue to communicate the emotional drivers of beaches, adventure, luxury and history to an ABC1 target audience of young couples, the grey market and families.
Previous years saw large numbers of business men and ABC1 segment visitors, but thanks to the increased accessibility both to the venue and also to electronic goods, more value-seeking families are visiting GITEX Shopper this year, making up as much as 50 per cent of total visitor numbers at the Jumbo stand.
The Australian public broadcaster will screen the series on their main channel ABC1 and digital channel ABC2.
Around 70% of ABC1 consumers - professional and white-collar workers - admit to using money-off vouchers in the past six months, says consumer think-tank the Future Foundation.
He said wealthy people in the ABC1 social category were not necessarily the biggest spenders.
The criteria for recruitment for the focus groups and shopping were pre-family and family groups, within a mix of ABC1 social groups.
Bolam missed the Evening Chronicle-organised premiere at the ABC1 cinema because he was busy acting on stage in London, in the play Treats.
LONDON-BASED INSURER BRIT INSURANCE HOLDINGS PLO'S search for the much-coveted ABC1 male--British sociological shorthand for middle and upper middle classes--ended on a famous cricket ground.
Half the audience is in the ABC1 social category, and Emap's decision to move all of its radio operations to Birmingham appears to have paid off.
But it may make you feel better to know that for a measly pounds 31 Nissan have probably lost an ABC1 customer forever.
Continental Research found that there is still some statistical bias towards Internet users being male, ABC1 and young but there has recently been a positive increase in the proportion of C2DE homes with Internet access and, similarly, the number of women going online has risen significantly.
MORE viewers from the wealthy ABC1 social group watch ITV than BBC, according to new figures.