ABCCCAirborne Command and Control Center
ABCCCAlton Bay Christian Conference Center (est. 1863; Alton Bay, NH)
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command & Control Center
ABCCCAirborne Battlefield Command & Control Communications
ABCCCAlta Bates Comprehensive Cancer Center (Berkeley, CA)
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During operations in Kosovo, the ABCCC once again provided a key command and control link helping North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) air commanders to manage air support for Operation Allied Force.
forces, the EC-130E ABCCC platform was not available.
These distributed operations led to coordination problems between air and ground forces that were exacerbated by the absence of an ABCCC.
According to one account, "Without ABCCC to sort through the CAS requests and prioritize the missions of strike aircraft .
The Marines also encountered problems coordinating ground support in the absence of the ABCCC.
Although AWACS and JSTARS performed admirably in their respective design roles, as an ad hoc ABCCC they were not as effective as the Air Force hoped.
Although much of the discussion in the aftermath of Afghanistan and Iraq has focused on problems with CAS, those problems are actually a symptom of a much larger issue--command and control--and what was really missing was the on-scene eyes and inherent flexibility of command and control that the ABCCC brought to the fight.
As Robyn Read suggested, the Air Force should reenergize the ABCCC concept.
For the duration of the exception, the company's NASDAQ symbol will be ABCCC.