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ABCTAssociation for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (formerly known as the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy)
ABCTAirborne Brigade Combat Team
ABCTAustrian Business Cycle Theory
ABCTAirborne Battalion Combat Team (US Army)
ABCTAmerican Board of Chelation Therapy
ABCTAIDS Business Coalition Tanzania
ABCTAlliance of Boulder County on Tobacco and Health (Boulder, CO, USA)
ABCTAcademy for the Advancement of Businesss & Computer Technology
ABCTAutologous Blood Cell Transplantation
ABCTAppearance, Behavior, Cognition, Thought (mental health evaluation process)
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According to ABCT, business cycles result from increasing the money supply.
Following the WHO meeting, ABCT also collaborates with the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data(GISAID) and the International Society for Influenza and Other Respiratory Virus Diseases (ISIRV) with support from WHO to organise a training workshop on "Genetic Analyses of Influenza Viruses" at the PolyU campus on 21to 22 of November, 2015.
The scheduled company training consisted of rotational platoon green cycles from January to February while the company was in red and amber cycles, a 6-week company training cycle from February through March, and Raider Focus (a month-long 1st ABCT battalion external evaluation [EXEVAL]) in May.
When they were part of the ABCT, the FSCs were given M1075 heavy expanded-mobility tactical truck (F1EMTT) palletized load systems (PLSs) that were used to transport the forward repair system (FRS) for the combat repair teams that were attached to line companies.
The present work is closer in line with those papers that analyze ABCT from a historical-economic perspective (e.
The ABCT and SBCT company UAS section should have two hand-launched Group 1 UAS with two aircraft each (for a total of four aircraft) supported by a vehicle for life-cycle logistics, control element, and communications architecture.
ABCT TRADOC/Test Total Vehicles by Total type General Purpose 462 58 520 Mortar Carrier 348 36 384 Mission Command 899 92 991 Medical 736 52 788 Evacuation Medical 194 20 214 Treatment Total 2897
11) We should note here Hulsmann's (1998) important revision of conventional ABCT, which indeed has some defects.
She had worked for Farwest Steel in Eugene, ABCT in Roseburg and the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic in Medford.
To wit, following Hummel's outline, we devote Section 2 to Asymmetry, 3 to Definitions of the Money Stock, 4 to Net Investment, 5 to Deflation, 6 to the Constant Rate of Credit Expansion, and 7 to International Aspects of the ABCT.
Marriage isn't for kids, and being in the Army just makes it harder," added Chief Warrant Officer 3 Roy Melebeck, commander of Headquarters and HQS Company, 173rd ABCT Rear Detachment.