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ABCTAssociation for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (formerly known as the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy)
ABCTAirborne Brigade Combat Team
ABCTAustrian Business Cycle Theory
ABCTAirborne Battalion Combat Team (US Army)
ABCTAmerican Board of Chelation Therapy
ABCTAIDS Business Coalition Tanzania
ABCTAlliance of Boulder County on Tobacco and Health (Boulder, CO, USA)
ABCTAcademy for the Advancement of Businesss & Computer Technology
ABCTAutologous Blood Cell Transplantation
ABCTAppearance, Behavior, Cognition, Thought (mental health evaluation process)
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As the troops and tanks came rolling in, the SSA's job was to build combat power for an ABCT spread out along eight countries in Eastern Europe.
Within the ABCT framework a decline in the interest rate caused by expansionary monetary policy initiates an unsustainable boom followed by a period of liquidation and bust.
The major CBRN asset available to the ABCT commander is the mounted CBRN reconnaissance platoon in the BEB.
Finally, if ABCT is a tragedy-of-the-commons theory, what can be done?
According to ABCT, business cycles result from increasing the money supply.
The scheduled company training consisted of rotational platoon green cycles from January to February while the company was in red and amber cycles, a 6-week company training cycle from February through March, and Raider Focus (a month-long 1st ABCT battalion external evaluation [EXEVAL]) in May.
ABCT TRADOC/Test Total Vehicles by Total type General Purpose 462 58 520 Mortar Carrier 348 36 384 Mission Command 899 92 991 Medical 736 52 788 Evacuation Medical 194 20 214 Treatment Total 2897
In order to understand the key points of the ABCT concept, we need to extend the framework presented on Chart 1 (where impact of credit expansion on consumption and investments is described, and which is now the right-hand-side part of Chart 2) with the structure of production (upper left-hand-side panel of Chart 2) and the labor markets of various stages of production (10) (lower left-hand-side panel)
In ABCT banks and central banking provide the link between capital markets, money, and economic instability.
It can be seen from (Table 2) that fuel properties of SFFO have been markedly enhanced due to ABCT.
Si pasamos revista a los integrantes de las distintas asociaciones veremos que muchos de ellos participan de varias asociaciones distintas, como es el caso de Robert Leahy, quien anteriormente fuera el presidente tanto de la de ABCT como de la International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP).
One practitioner's reflection on the 40th annual ABCT convention: Are you a cognitive-behavioral therapist?