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ABECAmericans for Balanced Energy Choices (Alexandria, Virginia)
ABECAnnular Bearing Engineering Committee (American Bearing Manufacturers Association)
ABECArizona Business & Education Coalition
ABECAssociated Bio-Engineers & Consultants, Inc. (Bethlehem, PA)
ABECAdult Basic Education Course (Botswana)
ABECChief Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Launching & Recovering Equipment) (Naval Rating)
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The ABEC operation will be at the former FCI facility, which shut in 2007 with the loss of 240 jobs.
ABEC Brasil currently boasts a membership of 645 journals, 289 institutions and 310 effective members, representing a broad variety of fields of knowledge that enriches debates.
Gandhi, ABEC's Chairman, said, "QInvest has been a great partner for ABEC and helped us tremendously in building the foundations for our next phase of growth.
S M Gandhi, ABEC chairman, said: "QInvest has been a great partner for ABEC and helped us tremendously in building the foundations for our next phase of growth.
For the fiscal year to 31 March 2012, ABEC registered profits of INR140m and revenues of INR1.
James worked 32 years at the former Coppus Engineering in Millbury and then at ABEC Inc.
Vale destacar que marcamos presenca nos dois ultimos encontros da ABEC, de editores de revistas cientifi cas LILACS e Colecao SciELO, que ocorreram na cidade do Rio de Janeiro.
AC ABEC Group LLC 918 Mechanic Street Lebanon, PA 17046 Tel: (717) 274-8808 www.
The spindles are fitted with two pairs of Duplex RHP ABEC 7 high precision bearings.
Chillers York Cooling Tower Baltimore Air Coil (BAC) Bioreactors (600L and two 2500L in stainless steel, One 100L disposable wave) ABEC and Wave Biotech Centrifuge Westfalia Separator Inc.
Second row, LT Andrew Pickens, Material Division Officer; SKCM Paul Hoffman, Material Division LCPO; LT Spencer Baker, Wardroom Officer; SKCS Joseph Franklin, Assistant HAZMAT Officer; SKC Reuben Ganaway, Material Division CPO; ENS Sunny Kundra, Sales Officer; PCC Victor Gonzalez, Postal Officer; LT Tony Ting, Stock Control Officer; ENS Paul Notarnicola, HAZMAT Officer; LTJG Jeff Serrero, Supply 3M/Damage Control Officer; ABEC Rodney Young, CPO Mess Caterer.
Results show that the ABEC project has undertaken the initial work of building community support for a small number of schools in Afghanistan, and has made a contribution to the improvement of many lives especially in remote rural areas.