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ABEDAssociação Brasileira de Educação a Distância (Brazilian Association of Distance Education)
ABEDBachelor of Arts in Education
ABEDAsian British Entercation Division (website)
ABEDAlgorithm-Based Error Detection
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A pretty pickle, truly, thought I; abed here in a strange house in the broad day, with a cannibal and a tomahawk
You asked me to tell you something to be glad about--glad, you know, even though you did have to lie here abed all day.
Ibrahim Al Abed, former director general of the National Media Council, who won Abu Dhabi Award for media deve Image Credit: Binsal Abdul Kader, Senior Reporter
Johannesburg [South Africa], Jan 20 ( ANI ): Former South Africa all-rounder Sulaiman 'Dik' Abed passed away recently in The Netherlands.
Abed Rabo was also charged with supporting a terrorist organization and making contact with a foreign agent.
He said the victim was walking down Oxford Street in Batley when he was approached by Abed.
According to IIF estimates, Abed said, the real GDP growth in Qatar is projected at 6.
Sheikh Abed Rabbo, one of the main supporters of the demonstrations in Nineveh province was assassinated early last year, is the brother of MP Mohammed Nuri al-Abed Rabbo.
According to Laha Magazine, a report made by head of the passport agency said that Abed was detained for a very short period in order to obtain permission to enter Egypt from the national security.
It's tough as an actor, too, because the Troy and Abed dynamic is so fun, and I'm gonna miss that.
Sir Fazle Hasan Abed founded the BRAC Bank in 2001 to develop inclusive banking services for the small and medium entrepreneurs including those in rural Bangladesh.
Abed Ashipala, an Information Officer at The Ministry of Information and Comunication Technology is the second winner of the DStv competition which is currently running in The Economist.