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ABEEAdventure Based Experiential Educators
ABEEAssociation Belge des Entrepreneurs d'Etanchéité (French: Belgian Association of Waterproofing Contractors; Belgium)
ABEEAdvisory Board on English Education (Ministry of Education; Canada)
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Columbus operations are in the Westlock, Jeffrey, Redwater, Wainwright and Edgerton areas of Alberta fitting in well with GEOCAN's established operations in Tomahawk, Abee and Highvale.
5, Matthew Leonard, 3, Andrew Lisle, 1, Mark Lynskey, 3, Sarah Marley, 3, Michael Marshall, 2, Abee McCallum, 3, Philippa McGregor, 3.
5; Matthew Leonard 3; Andrew Lisle 1; Mark Lynskey 3; Sarah Marley 3; Michael Marshall 2; Abee McCallum 3; Philippa McGregor 3.
But they are clearly back with a bang and Balwearie battled on gamely for a neck call over Jim Goldie's Sting Like ABee.
Booth 124--Regional styles of southwest jewelry, benefiting ABEE
Speakers: Rental Owners Association maintenance panel, including representatives from Abee Windows Screens and Glass, Accurate Leak Detection, Belfor Property Restoration, Eric Hall Architects and Eugene Water & Electric Board.
21] Bunthof CJ, Bloemen K, Breeuwer P, Rombouts FM, and Abee T, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 67, 2326-2335 (2001).
The group have been busy in their recording studio for the past nine months writing and recording 20 new tracks, of which the best 12 will be chosen for the new album Helping them celebrate will be the Mixtures, who had a massive hit with The Pushbike Song, and The Gee Bees, aBee Gee tribute band.
At Abee in central Alberta, one gas well was cased and a second well was abandoned.
Janet Abee, statewide PACT coordinator/senior management analyst II, Department of Juvenile Justice, Probation Headquarters; Robert Edward Smith, superintendent, Department of Juvenile Justice, Okaloosa Regional Juvenile Detention Center; Vincent P.
The Uplawmoor trainer has both barrels primed with Kid'Z'Play and Sting Like ABee.