ABEGAménagement Bureau Entreprise Gilmat (French: Gilmat Corporate Planning Office)
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The conference decided to coordinate between the administration of the ABEGS and Ministry of Education in Yemen to propose the programs needed by Yemen and to take the necessary measures to implement them.
ABEGS will continue to support the initiative and promote the integration of the series in various learning environments," said Al-Karni.
Dr Ali bin Abdulkhaliq al Qarni, Director-General of ABEGS gave a speech about the 3rd Gulf Mathematics Olympics, meeting of GCC students, discovering the potential and abilities of students in mathematics to prepare students to participate in the international Olympics and to familiarise them with the international competitions.
The ABEGS award for academic excellence is based on the highest scientific and educational standards.
We are proud to partner with ABEGS on creating relevant and age-appropriate content that will have a significant positive impact on children in the region and help them reach their highest potential.
A work progress report of the implementation of the ABEGS programs of the current financial session, 2011-2012, will also be displayed in this session
It also will touch on programs and proposed projects presented by the ABEGS General Secretariat which aim to develop the joint educational work among the member states as well as cooperate with international organizations in education field.
A large number of representatives from the ministries of education of ABEGS member states will attend the two-day event on the "Iftah Ya Simsim" project, sponsored by the GCC Joint Program Production Institution (GCC-JPPI) and SABIC.
As a socially responsible company, SABIC is extremely delighted to be able to "partner with ABEGS and extend support" to help in raising scientific, moral and educational awareness among parents and children, said Mohammed Al-Mady, SABIC's vice chairman and CEO.
At the meeting, the two sides discussed possibility of integrating the study of what have been provided by the ministry in the field of media culture compared to the Gulf members in the ABEGS in the framework of a study being implemented by Dar Masarat for Studies and Development.
A report by ABEGS addressed a recent US study showing that the Gulf states lagged behind in primary school mathematics and science.
Ali bin Abdul-Khaleq al-Qarni, Director General of the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (ABEGS) said that ABEGS is the first system for the Gulf joint work.