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Andy Parish, chairman of Leamington and | District Round Table and long-time member Nick Herd present a framed T-shirt to Nick Abell, senior partner at Wright Hassall
The globular star cluster in Abell 1689 is roughly twice as large as any other population found in previous globular cluster surveys - in comparison, our Milky Way galaxy hosts about 150 - and constitutes the most distant such systems ever studied, at 2.
Division Two: Nunthorpe B 8 (Hildreth 3, Kearney 2, Welford 2) Hartlepool 2 (Thomas 2); Ormesby F 8 (T Hand 3, Lonsdale 2, M Hand 2) Swerve C 2 (Forster 2); Westbourne B 1 (Leonard 1) Beaumont Accountancy Nomads C 9 (Lowther 3, Abell 3, Noble 2); Northfield B 0 Darlington A 10 (Hnat 3, Douglas 3, Catmull 3); Ormesby G 3 (Fowler 2, Dale 1) Ormesby H 7 (Edwards 3, Wilson 1, McMenamin 2); Beaumont Accountancy Nomads C 10 (Abell 3, Howe 3, Noble 3) Nunthorpe B 0; Hartlepool 5 (Goodchild 3, Thomas 2) Westbourne B 5 (Harper 1, Leonard 2, Gray 1).
While Abell resisted, the rest failed to deal with the aggressive seam-bowling of Rikki Clarke (four for 43) and the astute spin of Jeetan Patel (four for 47).
And we have done by playing some really good cricket in the next two matches " Abell added: "It was a bittersweet day for me.
High-resolution photos and interviews with Abell officials available upon request.
Abell richly deserved a ton which A narrowly eluded him when he was last out but his e$orts meant the Bears' rst-innings lead is handy rather than imposing.
The court heard that Abell, from Sutton-inAshfield, sent sexually inappropriate texts and Facebook messages between November 4 2011 and February 13 2012 to a woman he met in his capacity as a police constable.
This is just a chance alignment - the star, named HD 83535, lies in the foreground of the nebula, between Earth and Abell 33, in just the right place to make this view even more beautiful" said ESA.
Fury (left) had Abell down twice in the third round with powerful right hands to the chin.
To detect them, astronomers teamed Hubble with a natural zoom lens in space, produced by the gravity of a giant foreground galaxy cluster, Abell 1689.
WHEN out-of-control teenager John Abell was kicked out of school his life spiralled into drug addiction.