AbfGAbfallgesetz (Germany)
ABFGAssociation of British Fungus Groups (est. 1996; UK)
ABFGAdult Bible Fellowship Groups (various organizations)
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The ABFG Internet Solutions Division offers a wide range of internet solutions including Web hosting, Web design, and Web marketing; ISD offers the latest in video streaming technology.
ABFG anticipates that the quotation of its stock over the OTCBB stock quotation medium will be suspended on July 4, 1999.
In addition to mining sapphires, ABFG takes the sapphires through the cycle of sorting, grading, cutting and polishing the sapphires, and then marketing the polished sapphires either through the wholesale markets or through the retail markets by incorporating the sapphires into fine carat jewelry marketed in their own Internet Shopping Mall, RodeoIsland.
ABFG has the facilities to bid competitively; the understanding of the mechanics of today's technology and the staff to assist emerging growth oriented companies.
The program can be viewed on the ABFG TV section of the company's web site www.
will enhance the asset base of ABFG and allow ABFG to direct the resources of Virtual Image, Inc.
In maintaining its policy of keeping their shareholders informed, ABFG held its weekly live broadcast Thursday, May 6 at 4 p.
In addition ABFG has awarded Norigen Communications, Inc its voice communication to better facilitate customer service and shareholder relations.
The formation of the TGM joint venture positions ABFG as a fully vertically integrated company involved from the mining of precious stones through to the marketing of cut and polished gems, and fine pieces of quality jewelry.
Knowing that Christmas is repeatedly the peak season for Internet shopping, ABFG initiated a targeted advertising campaign to take advantage of the Christmas rush.
TGM), will have high gem quality sapphires supplied by ABFG from its mining operations in Madagascar that will be sorted, cut, polished, and marketed internationally.
ABFG) (Pink Sheets:ABFG) ABFG would like to thank all viewers who tuned in to watch ABFG's corporate broadcast on Thursday December 2, 1999.