ABFIAlberta Business Family Institute (University of Alberta; Canada)
ABFIARS-Binding Factor I (yeast protein)
ABFIAdvance Briefing for Industry (US DoD)
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Tickets are available now and through the day of the event through Eventbrite: ABFI OSCAR POST PARTY.
For more information contact PS Media Talent at 323-325-1776 or ABFI 646-719-3547.
If you purchased ABFI securities between January 27, 2000 through January 21, 2005 (inclusive), you may qualify to serve as lead plaintiff on behalf of the Class.
The ABFI claims traders in the North have lower property and energy costs and can take advantage of the falling value of sterling against the euro.
If you hold ABFI Notes, you are aware that in late 2004, ABFI stopped paying principal or interest on ABFI Notes and stopped honoring checks written on ABFI money market accounts.
If you purchased ABFI Notes during the period January 27, 2000 through January 21, 2005, you may have lost money as a result of the alleged violations of the federal securities laws.
Department of Justice requesting that ABFI provide documents relating to mortgage loan transactions and securitization agreements.
ABFI also reported that on March 30, 2000, it closed a $235 million mortgage loan securitization through its three subsidiaries, American Business Credit, Inc.
In addition, the Board today authorized ABFI to buy back up to an additional 338,000 shares, representing 10% of the outstanding shares in fiscal 2000.
ABFI had previously announced the development of an innovative Internet loan origination process for its home equity subsidiary, Upland Mortgage.
Santilli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ABFI said, "These enhancements provide potential customers with increased flexibility and a higher level of service.