ABJAkron Beacon Journal (newspaper; Ohio)
ABJAustin Business Journal
ABJAmerican Bee Journal (beekeeping publication)
ABJAssociation of Black Journalists (Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; New York, NY)
ABJAbidjan, Cote D'ivoire - Port Bouet (Airport Code)
ABJAmerican Born Japanese
ABJAntonov Business Jet (aviation industry)
ABJAtakliyan Brothers Jewellery (Australia)
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Currently one ABJ is under conversion at Inflite Engineering Services.
The most recent ABJ deliveries into the region have been to the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) which took delivery of a VVIP RJ100 in April after conversion at Inflite Engineering Limited at London --Stansted Airport.
The ABJ has been very sought after by governments, high net-worth individuals, companies and charter organisations.
Tenders are invited for Installation of Customized Cabinets Inside IMRDS ABJ Containers.
Even souvenir plates and vases of the 1920s and 1930s end the word with GO GO GOCH ABJ Bamforth, Llanfairpwll.
Tortorici, and Jesse Deutch represented the seller, an affordable homing developer/operator, and procured the buyer, ABJ Properties.
Omotayo AM, Adu IF and ABJ Aina The evolving sedentary lifestyle among nomadic pastoralists in Southwest Nigeria: Implications for land use policy.
It has been agreed between ABJ and FSVC that during 2006 they will continue to undertake training programs and workshops to the staff of commercial bankers and the Central Bank of Jordan; furthermore, MEPI, through FSVC, will continue its strong program in Jordan in response to banking sector technical assistance needs.
Additionally, the ABJ readership is comprised of over 525,000 unique adult readers in the primary market.
Tortorici, and Jesse Denteh represented the seller, an affordable housing developer/operator, and procured the buyer, ABJ Properties.
The ABJ official stated that Jordan continues to face multiple exogenous shocks in 2011--2012 high import prices for oil and food, repeated and extensive periods of interrupted natural gas flow from Egypt due to sabotage of energy infrastructure, slowdown in tourism and remittance flows, heightened domestic and regional political tensions as well as rising sovereign financing costs.
Further to John Carr's note in the July 7 Flashback about his experiences of missile training at the RAF, ABJ Bamforth has written to say: "Thank you for publishing the note from John P Carr.