ABMGAmerican Board of Medical Genetics
ABMGAlta Bates Medical Group (est. 1983; California)
ABMGAutologous Bone Marrow Grafting
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Similarly, some groups have recommended that directors of molecular-genetic laboratories should be certified by the ABMG (5, 6).
The results of our survey are generally consistent with another recent study (11) regarding institution types performing testing, accreditation status, ABMG specialty certification, and highest academic degree of laboratory directors.
Sacred Heart's genetics fellowship program is the first without a medical genetics fellowship attached to the laboratory specialties in genetics, which is usually found in university-affiliated hospital fellowship programs, to receive ABMG accreditation.
For Signature to receive accreditation as a partner site demonstrates that the ABMG recognizes the role that microarray testing will play in medical genetics.
As the entire Healthcare Industry continues to focus on delivering the highest quality of care to member populations, while at the same time optimizing efficiencies and reducing costs, forward-thinking companies like ABMG are implementing solutions that help them derive greater value from one of their most vital resources--their data, and the resulting evidence-based medical treatments.
To ensure a rapid deployment, Panoratio will work as a service bureau to ABMG, generating .
Through working with Panoratio, we expect to interpret our data in ways that will help us best align treatments and services with requirements for reimbursements," observed Jim Slaggert, CEO of ABMG.
Instead of statistical sampling, ABMG will be able to analyze and query multiple large datasets in their entirety.
We are excited at the opportunity to work with ABMG, and look forward to helping them overcome the challenges solved by our other customers; that of analyzing massive amounts of complex data quickly and accurately, and discovering new knowledge that has been largely undiscoverable due to the limitations of current technologies," said Brett S.