ABMIAsian Bond Market Initiative (investing)
ABMIAssociação Brasileira da Música Independente (Portuguese: Brazilian Association of Independent Music)
ABMIAcross Boundaries Multifaith Institute (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ABMIAccess Bellingham-Mendon, Inc. (TV station; Bellingham, MA)
ABMIAssociation of the Beverage Machinery Industry (Zurich, Switzerland)
ABMIAutologous Bone Marrow Infusion
ABMIAroostook Band of Micmacs (Maine; Native American group)
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The ABMI is putatively meant to help create regional bond markets but can be better understood as two distinct but related projects: development of domestic bond markets over the medium term and attempts to create regional markets in the more distant future.
25) They do not fulfill some of the basic functions of financial markets, let alone the more ambitious goals proclaimed in ABMI.
ABMI is favorably positioned to wedge into a fast-changing transcranial Doppler (TCD) market with weak brand loyalty by leveraging its unique expert systems for real-time data interpretation and clinical monitoring.
Moreover, the present market situation provides a clear and unique opportunity for ABMI to capture a significant share of worldwide replacement TCD sales.
ABMI is currently in the process of an orderly winding-down of development activities on the Cerattepe property and will keep the property on a care-and-maintenance basis pending resolution of the legal proceedings regarding the project.
ABMI is a co-defendant in the legal proceedings concerning the Cerattepe project.
Additionally, MRI will also be of invaluable assistance to ABMI in its plans to introduce new products in the areas of vascular surgery and interventional radiology during the year.
Shin Shin will now be able to start the promotion of ABMI balloon catheter products in Korea.
Presenting companies confirmed thus far include: ABMI, Aeres Medical, Biomarker Technologies, Biomedix, Biophan-Europe, Cardio3, Clearant, eRAD-Image Medical, Hemoteq, HIRUDICA, Medical Tactile, PeptiFarma, Power Paper, QuiCare, Scientific Intake, Skeletal Kinetics, Spinelix, Suriasis, Valor Medical, Vascular Reconditioning and ViOPtix.
Presenting companies confirmed thus far for In3 EUROPE include: ABMI, Aeres Medical, Biomarker Technologies, Biomedix, Biophan-Europe, HIRUDICA, Medical Tactile, QuiCare, Scientific Intake, SenTec, Skeletal Kinetics, Spinelix, Suriasis, Valor Medical, Vascular Reconditioning, and ViOPtix.
ABMI") and National Benefit Advisory Association ("NBAA") to allow PPN to sell health and consumer benefit savings programs for ABMI and NBAA.