ABMUAll Burma Muslim Union
ABMUAmerican Baptist Missionary Union
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Ynysygerwn Cricket Club secretary Howard Bowden was so impressed by the trio he wrote to their employers, ABMU and South Wales Police, to commend their actions.
ABMU chief executive Paul Roberts says he will apologise to the families for their more general allegations of poor care.
Depending on the results, the evidence gathered could be used to support the development of the ARNI programme not only in the ABMU area but in NHS Wales.
Mr Williams' elderly mother Lillian died at Princess of Wales Hospital in 2012 - with ABMU later accepting the 82-year-old had suffered what it said was unacceptable treatment.
There has been a catastrophe of care at ABMU," Mr Williams said.
An ABMU spokeswoman said: "August is a critical time for ABMU health board because of the annual rotation of several hundred junior doctors onto our wards.
But she added ABMU did not have a "completely clean bill of health in relation to frail older people in the hospitals".
The third outbreak happened in July 2014 when a nursery in the ABMU area was found to have two cases of measles in small children.
In response to the Natyfyllon closure, ABMU Health Board has organised two drop-in events in Nantyffyllon Library for patients with any questions or concerns.
Prof Andrews added: "Our overall conclusion is the chances of serious problems recurring have been reduced greatly by action already taken at ABMU.
36 too much for bananas, ABMU was overcharged PS686.
Mr Williams insists the pair should have known what was happening at ABMU.