ABOIAmerican Board of Oral Implantology (est. 1969; Chicago, IL)
ABOIAstrological Bureau of Ideas (Groton, MA)
ABOIAssociation of British Offshore Industries
ABOIAlt.Best.of.Internet (newsgroup)
ABOIABO Blood Group Incompatibility (blood types)
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More recently in the United States, Alkhunaizi, DeMatteos, Barry, Bennett, and Norman (1999) did 15 ABOI transplants using [A.
Despite the formidable concerns that stem from the historical avoidance of crossing ABO barriers due to expected catastrophic results, ABOI transplantation appears to be gaining acceptance in the United States again.
The results overall appear good enough to continue to offer ABOI transplantation as a treatment option in appropriate patients, but careful screening is essential, and potential recipients must understand the greater risk involved.
Rydberg (2001), in a large scale review of all published data on ABOI, noted that donor specific antibodies titer reduction to < 1:16 is essential for the success of ABOI transplantation.
It is important to note that in ABOI transplantation, antibody titers can rise after the surgery, but this does not necessarily correlate with rejection or effect renal function (Alexandre et al.
He and his mother decided to proceed with an ABOI transplant.
Despite the increased titer, he has normal renal function and no evidence of rejection indicating that he has likely accommodated to his ABOI renal transplant.