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ABORArizona Board of Regents
ABORAcademic Bill of Rights
ABORAustin Board of Realtors (Austin, TX)
ABORAutonomous Beer-Opening Robot (Jean-Philippe Clerc invention)
ABORAcademic Bill of Restrictions (Academic Bill of Rights nickname)
ABORArlington Board of Realtors (Texas)
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5000 DC: Lingnan Huang chicken; T04: Fengkai Xinghua chicken; E4: dwarf chicken; AA: Abor Acre chicken; Q: Qingyuan Ma chicken; H: Huiyang Huxu chicken; S1: Guangxi Xiayan chicken.
His ABOR has attracted a great deal of attention from various state representatives and has resulted in some alarming bills making the rounds through various stages of legislative review.
The philosophical and theoretical underpinning presented here supports the Implementation Proposal that went before the ABOR, but it is, for the authors, much more.
Krick's own accounts of the first stage of his mission were published in the 1850s in Annales de la propagation de la foi and in a short book entitled Relation d' un voyage au Thibet en 1852 et d'un voyage chez les Abors en 1853 (Paris, 1854).
Abor was built at the University of Florida and can even open screw-top bottles.
Of those who favor abortion under all but one circumstance (almost always that of a professional woman having to interrupt her career), 65% support keeping abortion legal as it is now rather than restricting it to cases of rape, incest or saving the mother's life, as do nearly half of those who approve of abor tion under five of seven circumstances.
In an accompanying editorial, Gary Nabel, MD, of the University of Michigan in Ann Abor wrote that the study is "certainly provocative, calling into question the proposed mechanism by which cyclosporine induces secondary cancers.
They were not content to simply denounce abor tion, but sought to remedy the offenses against women that occasioned it: the denial of sex education and family planning options, male sexual exploitation, men's parental irresponsibility, and discrimination against single mothers.
Abor reviewed the impact of capital structure on profitability of the 22 companies listed in Ghana Stock Exchange during 1998 to 2002.
MICHAELT ABOR Investor whose input proveda turning point WITH Robert Sangster in his financial pomp in the 1980s, Coolmore had the game by the scruff of the neck.
President Barack Obama won the 2008 election, leading some bishops to fear an all-out push for more expansive abor tion laws.