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ABORArizona Board of Regents
ABORAcademic Bill of Rights
ABORAustin Board of Realtors (Austin, TX)
ABORAutonomous Beer-Opening Robot (Jean-Philippe Clerc invention)
ABORAcademic Bill of Restrictions (Academic Bill of Rights nickname)
ABORArlington Board of Realtors (Texas)
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In the simulation we kept all other variables at their mean level and changed the value of ABOR, SPLED, and ICSEA at three different intervals and generated the efficiency scores.
Financial Leverage: Based on the measures used in previous studies such as Abor (2005), Abor (2007), Ebaid (2009), three ratios were used in this study to measure financial leverage.
With the exception of the analysis for Table 2, when we refer to AEGB stars these are the actual star rating achieved by the home, regardless of whether ABoR reported the rating.
Abor, B (2001) Technological Innovations and Banking in Ghana: An Evaluation of Customers' Perceptions.
5000 DC: Lingnan Huang chicken; T04: Fengkai Xinghua chicken; E4: dwarf chicken; AA: Abor Acre chicken; Q: Qingyuan Ma chicken; H: Huiyang Huxu chicken; S1: Guangxi Xiayan chicken.
Olmert's Kadima party is held together by alliances with the leftist L= abor, religious Shas and Russian Yisroel Beitenu parties.
El capitulo sexto, Limitacion del Esfuerzo Terapeutico (Juan Carlos Alvarez), abor da la complejidad de la toma de decisiones para limitar el esfuerzo terapeutico tanto para el paciente y su familia, como para el equipo sanitario.
According to Horowitz, the purpose of ABOR is to "codify the tradition of academic freedom, to emphasize the value of 'intellectual diversity' already implicit in the concept of academic freedom; and, most important, to enumerate the rights of students to not be indoctrinated or otherwise assaulted by political propagandists in the classroom or any educational setting" (Horowitz 2004a, B12).
His current tool is the "academic bill of rights," or ABOR, which he has succeeded in adding to at least 12 states' legislative agendas.
Drew Hill, the founder of environmental and energy consulting business The Abor Group (TAG) has inspiring words for all First Nations people.
Educational Technology faculty completed the necessary forms in the early spring of 1998 and sent them to the NAU provost for approval and then to the ABOR for consideration at their June, 1998 meeting.