ABOTAl Basrah Oil Terminal
ABOTAllston Board of Trade (Allston, MA)
ABOTAgree-Build-Operate-Transfer (aquaculture)
ABOTAssociation Board of Trustees (Association of Clinical Research Professionals)
ABOTAutomatic Box Opening Technology
ABOTAsynchronous Branch Office Tunnel (Nortel)
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This Mishnah of the tractate Abot does not mention the name of the sage who authored this principle, but a number of scholars have suggested that it may well have been Rabban Gamaliel himself.
17, and scribal methods in Matthew and Mishnah Abot.
Furious Jamie lets his temper get the better of him as he confronts Aussie visitor Jonty (former Neighbours star mark Little) abot his kiss with Louise - and the couples future is thrown into doubt when she announces her plan to leave the village
Finkelstein, Introduction to Abot d'Rabbi Natan (New York: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1950) p.
Kaaot and Abot are defended by Iraqi marines living on each platform and by Iraqi patrol boats supported by coalition ships at sea.
Maimonides' introduction to his commentary to the Mishnah tractate Abot, a tractate dealing with morals and ethics and the importance of Torah study.
Additional reforms such as legislation protecting creditors' rights, adequate bankruptcy laws, and improved transparency of information abot borrowers through credit bureaus are all part of a much needed agenda of institutional reforms in most countries in the region.
62) Judah Goldin, "The First Chapter of Abot De Rabbi Nathan," (Appendix) in Mordecai M.
None of the sunburned sailors on ABOT confuse it with a vacation resort.
I've chatted to the manager abot the situation and he's agreed that the best plan for me is to get away to another club for a season and get some more experience.
Tell us abot them - call the features desk on 01642 234251 or email features@eveninggazette.
We are speaking now and asking everyone who cares abot children to decline to sign the petition.