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In its Stock Market announcement ABP said, ``While the general economic climate remains uncertain, the group's ports business has the advantage of having many longterm contracts with quality customers.
In a letter to cattle farmers, ABP MD Richard Cracknell dismissed the Daily Telegraph report as "rubbish".
Business Correspondent A spokesman for ABP said: ``While the general economic conditions remain uncertain, the group's core UK ports and transport business has the advantage of having many long-term contracts with quality customers.
Managing director of ABP Paul Allen said: 'By linking ABP's ports this facility will enhance the range of services we can offer customers.
He said, "the ABP has been here for 12 years, but there are still people in Doha who don't know about the ABP or what it does.
ABP Student Association candidates are required to be in good academic standing with grades of no less than 70% in each subject.
Ian Roberts, chairman of Newport Harbour Commissioners, said, 'By contracting out the functions of a harbour master to ABP, the commissioners can ensure that vessels navigating the river and NHC - who remains the statutory harbour authority for the River Usk - benefit from the expertise which ABP personnel are able to provide.
He said "We would now expect ABP to trade at a premium to Mersey Docks.
IP Sizzles features speakers from different areas of the IP industry who will describe how ABP Resellers can reach a higher level in their core competency and ideas for expanding their sales and marketing efforts.
Without your support, the Qatar Foundation universities and the ABP would not be here.
In addition, 109 ABP graduates got places at Qatar University, eight went onto other universities in Qatar, 35 were accepted to UK universities, 11 went to universities in the US and six went to other universities around the world.
ABP has been a leader in the use of border technology, including the development of the first unmanned aerial vehicle to be used for border surveillance.