ABPCAmerican Book Prices Current (Washington, CT)
ABPCAssociação Brasileira dos Produtores de Cal (Portugese: Brazilian Lime Producers Association)
ABPCAgaricus Blazei Practical Compound
ABPCAmerican Book Publishers Council
ABPCAmerican Board of Professional Counselors
ABPCAB Patterson College (Gold Coast, Australia)
ABPCAmbulatory Blood Pressure Control
ABPCAssociated British Picture Corporation (TV & Motion Picture company; Elstree, Herts, UK)
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As ABPC began its work, the National Staff Development Council (now Learning Forward) released a comprehensive revision of its Standards for Staff Development (now known as the Standards for Professional Learning).
214) R v Caron, 2008 ABPC 232 at paras 7074, 450 AR 204.
Partial synergisms between [alpha]-mangostin and the commercially available antibiotics ABPC, GM, MINO and FOM were observed, and their FIC indices were calculated as 0.
The statement enunciated seven basic propositions that placed the defense of the freedom to read squarely in the public interest-and echoed familiar strains of belief in the critical judgment of citizens (ALA and ABPC, 1953).
After each sampling operation, the ABPC plates were incubated at 32 |degrees~ C for 48 hours and the VRB plates as 32 |degrees~ C for 24 hours before colonies were counted.
ABPC, which is currently undergoing a rebranding process, focuses on a business park currently spread across 400 hectares and home to an estimated 500 companies and 10,000 employees, with future expansion is planned.
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Voir R-c Caron, 2008 ABPC 232, 450 AR 204 ; Edmund Aunger, <<La Constitution du Canada et le statut officiel du francais en Alberta>> (2009) 32 : 2 Revue parlementaire canadienne 21.
Though ABPC Chairman Dave Butti may hate giving up his lavish $2 a year salary, he, like many others in the all-volunteer group were not in it for the money, nor any public accolades, but wanted to create jobs and make the city prosper.
Case Commented On: Wilderdijk-Streutker v Zhao, 2017 ABPC 24 (CanLII)
R v McKay, 2013 ABPC 126, 283 CRR (2d) 272, rev'd 2014 ABQB 70, 304 CRR (2d) 1 [McKay], The expert testimony of the Yellow Pages Groups Internet specialist testifies that between 2000 and 2011 there was a dramatic shift in the way the public accessed information about lawyers and a corresponding shift by lawyers from print advertising to online advertising.