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ABPLAsian Business Publications Ltd. (UK)
ABPLAs-Built Parts List
ABPLAnthony Blake Photo Library (now Fresh Food Images; London, UK)
ABPLActin-Binding Protein-Like
ABPLAmmana Bio Pharma Limited (chemicals; Andhra Pradesh, India)
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Recoveries against non-performing financing (NPF) resulted in improvement in portfolio quality indicators Given the reduction in growth in commercial and SME segments, Liquidity profile of ABPL remains adequate in view of the quantum of liquid assets arrived on balance sheet in relation to deposits and borrowings.
An important advantage of ABPL as compared to the traditional learning is the creation of the positive motivation to study through the feeling of an achievement of a practically meaningful result which is in-demand in real life.
This is a major achievement for ABPL as most large international textile manufacturers and exporters, whether in India or abroad, look for this certification while selecting suppliers for sourcing.