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ABPMAmbulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
ABPMAmerican Board of Preventive Medicine
ABPMAmerican Board of Pain Medicine
ABPMAssociation of Briefing Program Managers
ABPMAllergic Bronchopulmonary Mycosis
ABPMAuthorized in Accordance With Bureau of Naval Personnel Manual
ABPMAttitude to Behavioral Process Models
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ABPM was started in eligible patients immediately after the cuff blood pressure measurement at visit 4 and was continued for 24 hours.
Luthra, using the Oscar 2 ABPM and included AccuWin Pro V3 software, will capture information about fluctuations in patients' 24-hour blood pressure, including overnight readings and critical morning-surge data, allowing them to acquire an overall blood pressure profile and enabling day-to-day progress monitoring, SunTech Medical said.
ABPM is finalizing the certification process but has released some details about what the program will entail.
22, 2011 issue of Circulation, ABPM may be the best predictor of progressive blood vessel disease in the brain.
Disclosures: The Spanish ABPM Registry was initiated and is maintained by Lacer Laboratories.
The Nissei DS-250 ABPM is a programmable 6, 12, 24 and 48 hour ambulatory blood pressure recorder that verifies hypertension treatment effectiveness.
In conclusion, the descriptive analysis of the meal-induced changes in ABPM in elderly subjects with ISH showed that in everyday circumstances most experienced decreases in both SBP and DBP within 2 hours after a meal.
The poor reproducibility of casual BP measurements from day to day can be improved considerably by ABPM for diastolic more than systolic[14, 15].
In 24% of the paired readings, ABPM identified children with hypertension that was not seen with concurrent office-based measurement, cases of masked hypertension.
The use of a specific drug was not required, but physicians were instructed to adjust medications according to a study-specific ABPM protocol.
The white coat group originally classified as resistant had a mean blood pressure in the office of 161/88 mm HG, but the ABPM recorded their average blood pressure at actually 134/75 mm HG, which confirmed improved control.