ABPOABPO (not an acronym; formerly Association of Black Probation Officers)
ABPOAssociação Brasileira do Papelão Ondulado (Brazil)
ABPOAssault and Battery on Police Officer (law enforcement)
ABPOAIDS Bereavement Project of Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
ABPOAmerican Board of Podiatric Orthopedics (est. 1975)
ABPOAdvanced Base Personnel Officer
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Potential retreat participants were able to register for the retreat at their local ASO or with ABPO directly.
The follow-ups were done, when possible, at an in-person evening session facilitated by ABPO staff.
With respect to the latter, it was made clear that those who decided to not participate in the evaluation, or who withdrew from the evaluation at any time, would not jeopardize their involvement in the 2-day retreat (intervention) or their access to ABPO services or other healthcare or social services available to participants.
Findings were also presented and discussed in sessions facilitated by ABPO staff and researchers to existing, new and emerging project partners; community members--including intervention retreat participants; policy professionals; and healthcare and social support professionals.
It is possible that respondents who completed all three segments of the evaluation did so because they attended the in-person, follow-up sessions facilitated by ABPO, thus potentially contributing to the effect of social desirability in our results.
Third, in partnership with the Ontario HIV Treatment Network and the Ontario AIDS Network, ABPO developed a provincial peer-facilitator training program for long-term survivors.