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ABRACADABRAAbbreviations and Related Acronyms Associated With Defense, Business, and Radio Electronics
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Only in 'America's Finest City' can the general public sail aboard, crew and even drive an authentic racing yacht like Stars and Stripes or Abracadabra.
The site includes obscure and unusual catalogs such as Turn Off The TV and the Abracadabra Magic Shop as well as brand name catalogs such as Harry and David, Jackson & Perkins, Neiman Marcus Direct and Calyx & Corolla.
The Abracadabra Casino offers a secure connection to the Company's server for each individual customer utilizing the strongest encryption technology available.
50, is as pink, as creamy and as good as the abracadabra stuff, with fewer of the more permanent lifting ingredients.
Also included in the issue are an interview with children's author Sid Fleischman, writer of The Abracadabra Kid, and reviews of books for children aged 10-14.
The good intentions aren't always enough, but McCartney's impassioned Abracadabra and Wreckless Eric's spiky Clevor Trever do Dury's memory proud.
But abracadabra, with an astonishing display of his dazzling skills he turned us into true believers.
And they've got to get the pointless exercise of the year award for covering the Steve Miller Band's Abracadabra note for note.
Labour MP Andrew Mackinlay declared: "The public are starting to think that all any group have to do is say abracadabra and they are given as much money as they want regardless of the benefit to society.
Premiere Cruise Lines (800-888-6759) offers a four-day, three-night cruise of the Bahamas on its Abracadabra Cruise.
What they say Nick Williams, trainer of Abracadabra Sivola He has a bit to find with some of the others on hurdling form but he has chasing experience on his side.
On another occasion I was lucky to escape more severe retribution after I put the incredibly uncool Abracadabra by the Steve Miller Band on the jukebox.