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ABSCAMAbdul-Scam (1980s FBI investigation)
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The plot of the film, starring Christian Bale in the Weinberg role, centres on ci Abscam, a fake firm used to lure politicians m "I told them I'd cop a plea if they let her off," he says.
The story – dubbed Abscam, short for Abdul Scam after Abdul Enterprises, the front firm set up by the FBI – caused a political storm just four years after Richard Nixon's resignation.
in the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI)s Abscam investigation in 1980 when
FBI initiated an undercover investigation, later known as ABSCAM, in
Endowment godfather Frank Thompson, the New Jersey congressman later imprisoned for his role in the Abscam sting, called it "a program of selling our culture to the uncommitted people of the world," while President Kennedy lauded music as "part of our arsenal in the Cold War.
The entries include many biographies of particular individuals, explanations of important court cases and pieces of legislation, important terms such as impeachment or obstruction of justice, and explanations of particular scandals such as ABSCAM and the Teapot Dome Scandal.
At times, Jenkins' prose is a bit rushed; when a single page discusses everything from ABSCAM to MI-PORN to Mount St.
ABSCAM generated considerable controversy relating to the
html (covering Credit Mobilier, Abscam and the Keating 5, Teapot Dome, and the House Banking Scandal).
These witnesses also testified about Abscam and several other specific undercover operations conducted by the FBI and other units of the Department.
For details on Thompson's military service in World War II and the Korean War as well as his political career which ended with his resignation and conviction on bribery and conspiracy charges following the FBI's celebrated Abscam sting operation, see Augusta E.
During the Abscam congressional bribery investigation in 1980, Mr.