ABSDFAll Burma Students Democratic Front
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Khin Nyunt, a senior member of the junta, took place the previous October, the ABSDF praised the direct dialogue, saying it could help solve the political deadlock in the country.
now reinforced by former students leaders of ABSDF who all had meticulously studied not only the four principles of Saw Ba U Gyi but also the workings of KNU since 1988, now supplied all the necessary aspects for Mu Tu Say Po and his treacherous group to successfully implement the KNU 15th Congress in their controlled area and have Mutu Say Po himself elected Chairman of KNU.
We are here to tell the world to recall what happened in our country 11 years ago when the military junta killed the people who called for democracy," So Aung, a member of ABSDF, told Kyodo News.
It is unclear if large numbers will answer the call to participate in the strike, called the ''9999'' movement, but Myanmar authorities said earlier 37 activists, including members of the ABSDF and the National League for Democracy, the leading pro-democracy party, were arrested in connection with the campaign.
The ABSDF rejected the accusation and called for the release of all political prisoners and the lifting of what it called all oppressive measures against the people.
Laiza residents, KIO officials and ABSDF troops welcomed a total of 54 participants including 9 monks, 11 women and 34 men.
Quoting prison sources, the ABSDF said the renovation began last week after Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) sent a letter to the ruling State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) on June 24 demanding that a parliament of representatives elected in the 1990 elections be convened within 60 days.
It is heartening to witness that the ABSDF, the pro democracy Burmese students and the Arakanese army have send their fighting forces as a token of solidarity and we hope to see the rest of the ethnic armies such as the Shan, Chin, Karen, Karenni and Mon will soon be sending their fighters to show their solidarity with their ethnic Kachin in such a cruel war.
I have met some of the leaders of the ABSDF (All Burma Students Democratic Front) and they all had interesting stories to tell.
Such kind of opportunists will always be there as even now some of the former leaders of ABSDF have defected to the quasi military government in exchange for position and a bunch of them can be seen in Myanmar Egress founded by the Nazi ancestors.
Quoting the KIA sources, KLN reported that soldiers from ABSDF (North) joined them in this battle fought against Burmese armed forces.
Some of them are inside Burma while some are based overseas led by the betrayers if the revolution composed mainly of old ABSDF leaders who have a good record of turning the 20,000 strong student's army to 200.