ABVBAvid Broadcast Video Board (hardware)
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Media Composer Adrenaline is fantastic because it's compatible with Meridien and even ABVB media, which makes the 14 other Media Composer systems we already own even more valuable," said Rick Breniser, technical director at Los Angeles-based FilmCore, a division of Ascent Media, and a Media Composer Adrenaline beta tester.
standard definition formats (Meridien(TM) JFIF, ABVB AVRs)
In addition, Adrenaline supports a broad range of resolutions, including DV25, DV50, IMX, Meridien JFIF, ABVB AVRs and uncompressed 601.
Avid is reducing prices of new ABVB (Avid Broadcast Video Board) system purchases by as much as 50 percent for customers who wish to remain on the ABVB platform.
Initial upgrade promotions include an early adopter program that extends low-cost upgrade paths to Media Composer XL for existing ABVB PCI-based customers that will offer significant new software functionality as well as the new Meridien hardware and a hardware trade-up program for existing Nubus system owners that extends trade-up credits for the customers' old system that can be applied to the purchase of a new Media Composer XL system.
Based on our understanding, Avid's shift to the ABVB card is an attempt by Avid to improve system performance by using an on-board processor, and software for execution by the processor, to off-load control functions from the host CPU.