ABVVAlgemeen Belgisch Vakverbond
ABVVBelgian General Federation of Labor
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According to Bekaert, this will not lead to any job cuts among the 26 workers in Waregem, but ABVV believes that employees with a fixed-term contract have little chance to get a permanent contract in Aalter.
ABVV will try to get the management to the negotiating table as rapidly as possible, it said.
To facilitate characterization of diverse vesiculoviruses in bats, we designed 2 pairs of degenerate PCR primers (VesiConAF-KCDGAYAARAGYCAYTCVATGA; Ves iConAR-TGNGCNACDGTNARDGCATT; VesiConBFGGNMGRTTYTTYTCHYTDATGTC; VesiConBR-TCHGCNGAYTGCATNGTYTCA) on the basis of a sequence alignment of the polymerase gene of ABVV and the formally classified mammalian vesiculoviruses.
The strike hit the department for profiled and steel wires where several workers were sanctioned for mistakes in the production process, Jan Maeseele from ABVV said for Radio 1.
An Antwerp consortium wasA ready to pay EUR 800,000 for the takeover of 45 workers, according toA Luc Van der Vinck from theA ABVV Metaal union.
The management told us that the RBV department did no longer belong to the core business of ArcelorMittal," Rony Schatteman from trade union ABVV was cited as saying by local media today.
It should be considered whether the employees might be relocated within Electrabel or elsewhere in the sector, Peter Vanautrijve from local trade union ABVV Gazelco was cited as saying.