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ABWRAdvanced Boiling Water Reactor
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A Generic Design Assessment (GDA) will now be carried out on the reactor, which is the only Generation III + reactor that has been in operation anywhere in the world, with four ABWRs in Japan, and three others under construction in Japan and Taiwan.
Shaw will invest $250 million for an ABWR alliance with Toshiba, $100 million of which will be available as a credit facility for NINA to assist in financing the development of the South Texas Project.
The completion of the approval phase for the ABWR under the NRC's reformed plant-licensing process marks a new beginning in the way nuclear plants will be designed and built.
Toshiba's ABWR is a leading-edge nuclear power plant technology with already proven records of performance, reliability and operation in Japan.
We look forward to collaborating with EnergyLab to help ensure that Italy's government and energy sector understand how our ABWR and ESBWR technologies can help address the country's pressing economic and environmental priorities," said Danny Roderick, a GEH senior vice president.
GEH's ABWR is the world's only commercially proven Generation III reactor design with successful construction and operational experience.
The GEH ABWR technology remains the world's only Generation III design in operation," said Danny Roderick, senior vice president, nuclear plant projects for GEH.
He continued: "The ABWR is the only generation III+ reactor which has entered operation anywhere in the world, and has been delivered on-time and on-budget.
This lack of information about the design of the ABWR means a safety risk assessment cannot be completed.
The report estimates the market size of nuclear power reactorsfor products comprising PWR and others that include BWR, PHWR, ABWR, EPR, CAREM, HTGR, AES 2006, AES 91, AES 92, KLT 405, SVBR 100, ACC 1000, CPR 1000, FBR and mPower.
Nuclear power reactors are of the following types; PWR and Others (including BWR, PHWR, ABWR, EPR, CAREM, HTGR, AES 2006, AES 91, AES 92, KLT 405, SVBR 100, ACC 1000, CPR 1000, FBR and mPower), which are used for generating electricity through nuclear energy.
The Toshiba ABWR represents the culmination of Toshiba's long experience of BWR construction and proven BWR technologies around the world.