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AC-1Atlantic Crossing-1
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AC-1 will commence operations in May, transmitting voice, high-speed data and video between the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany.
As Teleglobe continues to pursue its aggressive global expansion strategy, the company will use AC-1 to enhance its network capabilities and to handle the demand that continues to grow for transatlantic capacity.
The AC-1 submarine cable system spans more than 14,000 kilometers, connecting the United States to the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany via a self-healing ring utilizing the latest technology.
We are in the unique and enviable position of being the only company with the network capabilities to supply the backhaul for AC-1 in both the U.
Designed and engineered from the ground up by the Razer(TM) team, the Razer Barracuda(TM) AC-1 Gaming Audio Card and HP-1 Gaming Headphones are integrated as a single, pure gaming audio system.
0 feet) within the same iron-stained tuff encountered in hole AC-1, and averaged 0.
We were confident in Logic Innovations' ability to provide a solution for our AC-3 to AC-1 transcoding needs," commented Stuart Farber, vice president information technology of Music Choice.