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AC-3Dolby Digital Sound Format (used in movies)
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The so-called Grand Alliance (seven research groups including AT&T, Philips, Thomson and Zenith) developing HDTV has chosen AC-3 as its official broadcast compression standard.
The Sonic Dolby Digital AC-3 Encoder for our MIPS Consumer Audio Platform is a powerful audio encoding implementation, and by collaborating with Sonic, our licensees are able to quickly obtain DVD-ready audio encoding with the performance our customers expect.
With the Dolby Digital AC-3 Plug-in, VideoStudio 8 customers can decode and encode Dolby AC-3 stereo files.
0, the Dolby Digital encoder provides optimized templates for creating DVD compliant AC-3 files (5.
We were confident in Logic Innovations' ability to provide a solution for our AC-3 to AC-1 transcoding needs," commented Stuart Farber, vice president information technology of Music Choice.
It incorporates AC-3 digital, surround-sound technology for crisp, vibrant sound reproduction.
Because the AC-3 DesignObjects and C models show bit-accurate behavior, we can give our customers more confidence that the final chip will be certified by Dolby, eliminating any confidence issue related to licensing DesignObjects from SICAN," says Thomas Oberthuer, Audio Group Leader at SICAN.
The CS4297 and CS4610, when combined with Crystal's application and driver software support, accelerates advanced functions such as 3D positioning and Dolby AC-3 under Microsoft DirectSound(TM), DirectSound3D(TM) and ActiveMovie(TM) APIs.
The high performance and exceptional quality offered by the CS4610 are immediately accessible to a broad range of applications thanks to Crystal's application and driver software support, which accelerates the Microsoft DirectSound, DirectSound3D and ActiveMovie APIs by providing mixing, wavetable synthesis, 3D positioning, and Dolby AC-3 decoding.
The ZR38600 is the only chip that offers ten extra MIPS of processing power and the built-in capacity to run both Dolby AC-3 and 3D audio algorithms simultaneously.
Manufacturers can now get the exceptional audio quality of Dolby Digital AC-3 as well as SRS Labs' two-speaker playback of Dolby Digital all in a single IC.
The availability of the ZR38600 single chip AC-3/QSurround solution will allow the industry proven QSound algorithm to be incorporated into a very wide range of very exciting, Dolby AC-3 driven entertainment products, without the need for additional hardware expense", said Paul Goldberg, vice president of Systems Solutions of Zoran Corporation.