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AC-3Dolby Digital Sound Format (used in movies)
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Pitched by manufacturers as the ultimate digital multispeaker sound system for home theater, the first wave of Dolby Surround AC-3 products will be introduced by a handful of audio companies during the second half of this year.
True Lies," staring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, will mark FoxVideo's initial venture into AC-3 audio.
The Sonic Dolby Digital AC-3 Encoder for our MIPS Consumer Audio Platform is a powerful audio encoding implementation, and by collaborating with Sonic, our licensees are able to quickly obtain DVD-ready audio encoding with the performance our customers expect.
Commenting on the relationship, he added, "licensing this technology to LSI Logic will widen the availability of AC-3, since LSI Logic already supplies digital technology to leading cable and satellite companies.
San Francisco-based Dolby said they have made the first shipment of stereo AC-3 encoders, to be used with the company's new DMX for Business, direct broadcast satellite (DBS) system.
With the Dolby Digital AC-3 Plug-in, VideoStudio 8 customers can decode and encode Dolby AC-3 stereo files.
In addition, Dolby AC-3 can provide a matrix-encoded signal compatible with today's surround decoders.
1 Surround Plug-In Pack lets users encode to Dolby Digital AC-3 stereo or multichannel surround directly from ACID PRO 4.
We were confident in Logic Innovations' ability to provide a solution for our AC-3 to AC-1 transcoding needs," commented Stuart Farber, vice president information technology of Music Choice.
Yamaha's strong position in PC Audio will provide a basis to grow our AC-3 business," says Giri Venkat, Product Marketing manager for Graphics and Multimedia at Yamaha Systems Technology, Inc.
The VMI10 features the SGS-THOMSON MPEG-2 Decoder and Digital Video Encoder (STi3520A and STv0116, respectively), the Zoran ZR38521 Dolby-certified AC-3 Decoder, and DVD-compatible software drivers integrated with the CL-GD5480 through the industry-standard Video Module Interface (VMI).