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AC1Asherons Call 1 (online game)
AC1Adenylyl Cyclase Type 1
AC1Air Controlman First Class (US Navy Rating)
AC1Access Category 1
AC1Authorised Certified 1
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The plants inoculated with strains AC1 and BRCG had the greatest concentration of phosphorus in shoot with 1.
O efeito do GC foi significativo (p < 0,01) sendo todas as caracteristicas (CT, CC, CP, CTR, AC1, AL, AC, EL, EC, PF e PESO) ajustadas para este efeito.
Compare that to an MSN account, which Bestuzhev has seen priced at AC1 ($1.
I didn't quite reach the rank of Bomber Harris but, shortly after my "square bashing", I was promoted to the elevated rank of AC1 from AC2.
Other items in the Moeller range cover AC1 ratings from 10A to 2000A, in three and four-pole versions, using either air or vacuum.
The plants, labelled AC1, AC2 and AC3, appear to lack an enzyme needed to make caffeine from an alkaloid chemical called theobromine in their leaves.
The AC1 and AC1+ electronic water timers are ideal for use with hose and sprinkler, soaker hose or micro-irrigation systems.
Geoff Grindeland and Pete Field, AMS1 Marty Crews, AEl Mike Conroy, AC1 George Turner, AD2 Chad Rines and Mazer.
MY first car was in 1948, a Hillman Minx RAF staff car, as an AC1 stationed at Buntingdale Hall HQ 22 Group at Market Drayton where this picture was taken.
It also has 310-megabit AC1 cables running from New York to London, then on to Amsterdam and Frankfurt, then back to Washington.
Oito areas foram avaliadas, dentre as quais sete cultivadas (AC) com banana irrigada com diferentes tempos de cultivo e uma de referencia; cada uma das areas cultivadas possuia 8 ha com as mesmas caracteristicas de solo e topografia, sendo AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5, AC6 e AC7, com 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 e 10 anos de cultivo, respectivamente, e a area de referencia a mata nativa de caatinga do entorno do projeto.
A Paris-Beirut round trip would cost AC1,179 (Dh5,967), while Paris-Hong Kong would be AC1,657, and Paris-New York is AC1,038.