ACAAAmerican Coal Ash Association (Washington, DC)
ACAAAir Carrier Access Act of 1986
ACAAAir Carrier Association of America
ACAAAmazigh Cultural Association in America
ACAAAutomatic Chemical Agent Alarm
ACAAAmerican Coalition for Abuse Awareness
ACAAAcademic Center for Aging Aircraft
ACAAAntique Automobile Club of America (Hershey, PA)
ACAAAfrican Canadian Achievement Award
ACAAAgreement of Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products
ACAAAlabama Coastal Area Act
ACAAAffordable COTS for Aging Aircraft
ACAAAgricultural Conservation & Adjustment Administration
ACAAArmy Concept Analysis Agency (US Army)
ACAAAuto-Calibrating Adaptive Array
ACAAAir Controlman Airman Apprentice (US Navy Rating)
ACAAAllegheny County Airport Authority (Pennsylvania)
ACAAAssociation of Certified Accountants of Azerbaijan
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The trend continues to be very positive," says ACAA Executive Director Thomas Adams.
We understand that some MEPs are keen to link the approval of ACAA with the conflict in the Middle East.
But now, according to the Transportation chief, everything is jake and "air travelers can be assured of fair and equal treatment regardless of disability," thanks to the ACAA.
As of September 30, 1999, foreign air carriers are included within the ambit of the ACAA, and the regulations have been updated most recently to include passengers who use oxygen or other respiratory assisted devices, or who are deaf or hard of hearing.
While watching the airfield at Cabaniss Outlying Field, ACAA Nolan Rhodes saw something unusual.
This represents a slight decline on the 227,781 cars sold in the country in 2009 (according to ACAA data) and comes as Algerian consumers still found it hard to make new car purchases.
After a half decade of stalled growth in the utilization of coal combustion products, 2014 finally began to show signs of recovery," says ACAA Executive Director Thomas Adams, encouraged that the industry is positioned "to once again focus on growing a practice that conserves energy and natural resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and safely keeps ash out of landfills and disposal ponds.
The EU-Israeli ACAA agreement has been on hold for Parliament's first reading since 2010.
Sometimes called "the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for air travel," the ACAA promises to remove the type of roadblocks to air travel that I've described in order to make life a lot easier for the disabled air traveler.